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Lang exterior Reviews

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Overall quality: 1
Locks: 3
Balance System: 3
Warranty: 1

May 6th 2016 at 1:23 pm

Window Comments

As far as I am concerned Lang Exteriors does not live up to its warranty. Their Lifetime Warranty for their Power Weld Windows seals is a joke. Lange has never sent a technician since the first seal failure in the first month after installation (a replacement by Lang tech Jimmy Rogers.) My requests to check on the insulated glass seal failures were ignored. Lang has never replaced the clouded sashes. They even shrugged off requests from the Chicago Better Business Bureau.The Lang staff did everything they could in order to refuse to comply with the warranty – dragging out any action on their part in order to claim they had no warranty liability. To date, I have spent over $1,500.00 replacing Lang insulated thermo-pane glass in the windows of my home. Ten Lang “Power Weld Windows” were installed – that means twenty sashes – with twenty sealed insulated glass window panes. Of these twenty insulated, argon filled, glass window panes - the seals on sixteen panes (80%) failed. (Way more than the 1% failure rate of window seals that Lang’ Exterior’s president claims is their normal attrition.) Following is one of the many requests sent to Lang and in particular to Ms. Doreen Lang, president of Lang Exteriors, beginning less than a year after the Lang Windows were installed. Doreen, Another update. Another two window seals have failed. That makes ten out of the ten windows installed has had either the upper or lower sash fail (one is a replacement that Lang technician, Jimmy Rogers, installed.) A staggering failure rate! Wouldn't you agree that 80% failure is a bit high? Perhaps it was a batch of windows that weren't sealed properly during manufacture. Remember that you wrote to say that Lang's seal failure was only 1%. How about having someone come out to my home in Valparaiso and replace these windows? Al p.s. Just located my copy of the form that I sent to Lang Exterior requesting technical assistance. No one ever responded to my request. I have also asked the company that installed the Lang windows, Midwest Window and Siding, to contact you regarding the replacement of these window sashes too.

Window Grade: 2.0
Install Comments

Installed by Midwest Remodeling of IN

Install Grade: 3.0

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