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Wallside double hung windows and patio door Reviews

based on 1 review


Overall quality: 1
Locks: 2
Balance System: 2
Warranty: 1

February 15th 2015 at 11:08 am

Window Comments

Had all windows in my home replaced by Wallside every one of them leak air. Have had them in for a little over a year. Had service 2times. I am being told about air exchange needed Ina home, and moisture in the home. Every excuse for air leaking is being used by this company. The windows leak badly. There is ice on all of my windows where the windows meet. They put some foam on the drain holes. Saying this would take care of it. Not working. The patio door had 2 inches of ice at the bottom of the fixed door from air leakage. The windows simply should not leak air like they do. The door is VERY cold and leaky. A lit match blew out from the air coming in ! Also be ware, all the caulking is only under warranty for 18 mo. There is a ton of caulk on the outside of every window. Do not purchase these windows.

Window Grade: 1.5


Price Information

Price is low, what does that tell you ?

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