Empire Pacific Windows

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Empire Pacific Windows

#1 Post by Mariners » Sat May 07, 2005 12:34 am

Anyone have good or bad feed back on Empire Pacific Windows?

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Empire Pacific windows

#2 Post by modmob » Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:53 pm

I am a home owner in California. We had our old windows replaced with Empire Windows Betw. July, '04 and Jan. '05. Our overall feeling is that we are not satisfied with the whole process. We used a contractor, whom we are 95% satisfied with, but did not know in the beginning that he could not get the windows directly from the manufacturer. He had to go through a distributor, and the distributor ended up being a good part of our problem. The part of our dissatisfaction with the manufacturer is that 1) they had such an inept distributor; 2)despite sending a representative to my house to view wrong and damaged windows, later disputed what was said and committed to by this representative. My contractor and myself were present and remembered the committment from this rep. the same, but different than what was presented by the rep; 3) After many months of my contractor going between the distributor and manufacturer and getting the correct windows and the installation completed, it appears that the windows are OK, but the screen is lousy. They seem looser then they should be and the lousy plastic holders that enable you to remove and replace them have broken off. If you want more specifics you can e-mail me, but recognize that we had major problems with both the distributor and the manufacturer. Some problems neither wanted to take responsibility for and it was hard for my contractor to get the paper work from them to determine, each time we had a problem, who was to make it good.
Good luck and hope you fair better if you have choosen this manufacturer.
Gordena Doering

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