Just need one window, Sears won't do just one.

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Just need one window, Sears won't do just one.

#1 Post by WannaWindow » Mon May 30, 2005 8:49 pm

I have a 55 year old frame house, very small. I only want to replace one window at this time. I have read a lot of other posts on this site, but cannot find a similar question.

The opening is 110" x 53". The current configuration is a large window [56" picture with 9 panes], in the center with a 20" casement window on each side and two 7" wood frame dividers. I guess it is the original window but not sure. I really like the window but the glaze around the frame has dried up and is falling off. I was told that re-glazing is a lost art, and would be very expensive anyhow.

Can someone suggest the best and most 'budget friendly' way to replace this window with a similar configuration? And could someone give me a 'general' price range so I won't have to get 3 or 4 home estimates? I'm afraid my time is very limited right now. Sears did my vinyl siding almost a year ago, [did a very good job], and I asked them about the window, but they said they would not do just one window. They gave me an esitmate of about $3,500 for that one and two more [53" x 36" each]. I am in Macon, GA.

Thanks in advance.

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