Lost in the Land of Vinyl...

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Lost in the Land of Vinyl...

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Have done my homework looking to replace 12 windows (Harvey Vinyl) of various sizes in a condo unit in Boston suburbs. The building was converted to condos over Jan 2005 - Nov 2006 when i brought last of 3 units.

A little background, windows are in two different styles of Harvey's current Slimline double hung design. In November 2006 had several fixed by seller prior closing. Several windows since have shifted and will no longer close properly and others have fallen damaging the frames. Neighbors told me there were installed about 8 yrs ago and that owner at time didnt have a custom measure, it was fit into the current frame. Since dont have any paperwork for the windows, figured just will replace outright.

Now comes the best part....

Went to HD, walked into windows section and was delivered a hard sales pitch for top of the line window sold. (Walked out).

Went to Lowes, received another hard sales pitch for Lowes top selling window (which is a CR Reports Best Buy)..made appt and then cancelled later.

Went to Harvey's showroom in area since I rented a townhouse in flightpath of Logan Airport runway (less than 1/4 mile) which was retrofit with Harvey's top of the line windows by airport authority. (btw cost to airport and owners tax bill was $12K for 12 windows) Got 5000K plus quote for 12 Slimeline windows double pane with argon gas.

Went to local contractor in town I live, who laughed and showed me the Harvey catalog in the trash bin (although is contractor for them never recommends unless you have money to burn). He recommend Seaway Encore double pane storm with Argon Gas. He did measurements and for
6 windows (36 x 54) received quote of 3000 for 5 double pane and 1 triple pane window.

A couple of questions for folks here?

Is this realistic, quote is handwritten and require 1/3 before materials are ordered.

Additionally, I have pine picture frames which will need to be removed from the inside prior to the new windows being installed should I ask for anything specific in the contract before proceeding (such as replacement for any window frames damaged)?

Contractor did both house across the street from me and the neighbor next door who has lived in his house for 20 years and is looking to replace the previous windows from 15 years ago with him.

Any input concerning Seaway Encore is appreciated since no one I know has their windows.

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