Replacement windows on Long Island, NY

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Replacement windows on Long Island, NY

#1 Post by cwatters » Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:05 pm

Had visit from Grover Home Improvements today and they sell the Gorel window. They used to sell the Shuco, but they changed. Nuff said. Tomorrow I am going to have a visit from King Quality Windows and Siding. They are the "new" Shuco rep. Seems from the posts I've read these windows are competitive with each other. I'm a little suprised that the cost for my project (4 double/DH and a slider) is turning out to be more expensive than Andersen 400s installed by a seasoned carpenter. My concern, besides cost, is the switch of the rep in the territory. Did Grover have a falling out with Shuco and was it a service related issue? Is King Quality experienced enough with the expensive Shuco windows to the install, which I consider even more critical than the windows, properly. Anyone have any dealings with either of these companies? Tried the Shuco website for other reps in my area, but the don't have a directory or links that I could find. FenEx? Others? Thanks in advance.

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#2 Post by FenEx » Mon Aug 29, 2005 8:48 pm

Hello cwatters

The Schuco, in my professional opinion, is a better product than the Gorell. I would sell either before the Andersens. King Quality has been working with Schuco for a while now, this didn't just happen. I know this as I just moved back to IL from NY. Give them a shot, atleast for a quote. I am not familiar with Grover at all. Feel free to email me if you have additional questions at


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