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Alside Window Quote

#1 Post by uid1998 » Thu Sep 08, 2005 11:16 pm

I just got the quote for Alside vinyl casement windows with wood stain interior, Low E, Argon. The lowest quote I got is $6200. It would be $700 less without wood stain interior look.

I would like to know the quote is reasonable or not. I have 13 windows plus a circlehead window.
Here are the size of my windows:

1st floor bay window: two 24x72 casement and a fixed 39x72.
2nd floor bay window: two 24x62 casement and a fixed 39x62.

Library: triple windows 73x63, the middle one is a casement and the rest two windows are fixed.

27x62 and 27x40 casement.

Second floor bedroom: 56x54 double window with one fixed and one casment. Also there is a circlehead window (two parts:left and right) on top. It is not exactly a half circle shape.

The 1st floor bay window and second floor bedroom windows are two low. The guy said we have to use safty windows.

Also is that a good idea to leave the old wood frames and install the vinyl window inside the old wood frame? My old windows are 18 years.

I really would like to hear your comment.

Thank you very much.


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#2 Post by HipKat » Fri Sep 09, 2005 6:08 pm

If the old frame is in good condition, it's fine. if it's showing rot or deterioration, then it should be replaced.
That price is fantastic for the windows you are replacing, however, and this is just my own opinion, but I think the alside windows are really not that good of a window.

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