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Once again thanks for all replies, handyman I bvelive what you have mentioned regarding the framing with 2x4's was what was originally done. I mistakenly believed it was framed with 2x6's in an earlier post but it is 2x4's. A 2x4 across the entire top of the opening with and 2x4s' down the side of each that go into the top 2x4 header which is slightly notched to accept them. As I stated earleir the door appears original. as I just bought the house this year. The sidelights are actually framed out by 2x4s and the panes of glass are placed against the outside of the 2x4's and appear to be held in place with wood mouldings (years of paint also) In regards to pella do you have to purchase from their store as i priced one from their store and wow over 3K. I have some concerns regarding a wood clad interior as I love the look but have two dogs who would be constantly looking out the door and I am worried about possible damage due to drool etc. Some companies sell all vinyl but with a wood look interior I guess a tape is applied would this type hold up better. Once again thanks for all your replies as it is making a decision easier when you are informed by those who have experience!!!

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