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#1 Post by windowmannjny » Thu Oct 13, 2005 8:48 am

it really is amazing how many people try to do their research (bravo for them) but it all comes down to how good your installer is, and that is just too hard to research. the companies giving away their windows at "rock bottom" prices usually.....i did say usually, hire less experienced labor to keep their prices low. it is a good idea for a homeowner to make the contractor feel appreciated as soon as he comes to start your me a fresh hot cup of coffee, some breakfast or lunch goes a long way, a tip BEFORE he starts couldnt hurt either, nothing big just a token of your appreciation for doing some physical labor on your most important investment.

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#2 Post by handyman19619 » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:09 pm

A kind word and a smile yes. Hot coffee and soft drinks I like that. Very appreciated. Lunch not necessary but Thank You. If you insist let me buy and make it pizza or fast food I dont want to put you out and we all feel better about it.(we usually bring our own but if you insist) A tip before I start . I would never accept( You might even offend me with it) You already paid good money for me to be here to do my best job.
If you really want to help do these things
Communicate with me about any concerns
Please put away your prescious nick nacks, collectibles, plates ,art work ,things of sentimental value(My grandma gave it to me) Pictures of my son when he was 3. I can not replace any of these things and will feel rotten if anything happens to them.
Remove any curtains the night B4 (or blinds and only if you physically can otherwise we will help you with a smile)do not move furniture with out help just clean out the stuff so we can help you move it safely.
That room you have with a path to the closet well you bought a window for it please make a 2ft wide path to the window (that way you wont get embarassed when we do it 4 you)
Put your pets away PLEASE they dont like the noise a gentle dog will bite and a cat that never goes outside will run away NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU INSIST "THEY WILL NOT"
If at all possible please find us a close place to park the night B4 (PLEASE)
If you can do any of these free things we will all get along and all be happy. You will get a better job and our respect.
Do not offer us a tip when we are done JUST SAY "THANK YOU" thats what we came here for. To do a good job and make you feel good about what we have done it means more than a tip to us. We already got paid
We really most need your respect and a referal to others in the future . Thats the best tip we can hope for Thank You.

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