Opinions on Schüco and Lindsay windows / quotes

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Opinions on Schüco and Lindsay windows / quotes

#1 Post by Dlanod » Fri Oct 21, 2005 5:17 pm

I live in south central Wisconsin and have been getting quotes from a number of installers for:

6 - 40" x 54" Double Hung Windows
3 - 36" x 46" Double Hung Windows

All are for replacement windows white interior and exterior.

The Schüco dealer came up with a price of $7682 for Corona 4000s. Roughly $850 per opening. This seems a little high from what I have been seeing on this site. I'm impressed with the specs I see for the Schücos, but I'm not sure they are worth the price. What do folks here think a reasonable counter offer might be? $700, $750, $800 per window?

The Lindsay dealer came up with a price of $4911. Roughly $545 per opening. This is for double-pane, argon filled, low-e glass with silcone warm edge sealed spacers. The Lindsays seem to be well constructed and come with a good warranty. Does anyone have any comments on this brand?

Obviously there is a difference between the two besides the $300; U-factor is .31 for Lindsay, .22 for Schüco. SHGC is .30 for the Lindsay, .29 for the Schüco. VT is .50 for the Lindsay and .38 for the Schüco.

The triple-pane seems to be the big factor for improving the U-factor and decreasing the VT. Is this correct? What other things should I be looking for.

Installation and warranties seem to be comparable for the two.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

- Donald

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