Does this sound too high? And-do vinyl frames bend?

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Does this sound too high? And-do vinyl frames bend?

#1 Post by nova » Sun Nov 06, 2005 2:53 pm

I live in Northern Virginia and need to replace 15 single pane windows, a three panel door, sliding glass door and two entry doors, one with side panels.
We got a quote of just over $30,000 for triple pane Oxford windows. They have aluminum reniforced vinyl frames.

Are triple pane windows that much better than double? Is it really necessary for northern virginia's climate? Is the reinfoced frame that important? How often to vinyl frames bend and lose their seal?


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#2 Post by HipKat » Sun Nov 06, 2005 8:30 pm

Having been in N. Virginia many times, during all different times of year, I'd say most likely no, truple pane is not overly neccessary, and that price seems pretty high, AND rule #1 on windows. Aluminum in a window is not so good. Soft metal that easily conducts and retains cold. Wincester also makes the Bristol window. Prety much the same thing. that stupid lock they have, to open, you slide it to the middle. Hope you don't have mini blinds, because everyone I've seen how has torn the people's mini-blinds up, because it sticks out so much. The vinyl is made from reprocessed material, which isn't the best. The specially formulated glass mixture is argon/krypton mix, which doesn't mix; it seperates from one another.
It's a 7/8" glass pack. Better windows use a 1" glass pack, because maximum efficiency occurs in a 3/4" airspace, which is what you have when you subtract the 1/8" panes of glass, unless Oxford uses 1/16" glass.
the "warm-edge" spacer system looks like the Intercept spacer; A metallic spacer that still conducts cold from outside to inside.

There's a thread on spacers on this board right now you can use to research.

I'm not impressed with these.

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