Caulking around windows

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Caulking around windows

#1 Post by trevlix » Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:46 am


I had my windows replaced a couple weeks ago with brand new double hung vinyls. The installers came in, put up the windows and left. The thing that I thought was odd was that they nailed in wood quarter-round along the sides of the windows after they were installed. I didn't think anything of it at the time and thought that it was probably just for looks.

However, I was hanging blinds yesterday and saw that on the top and bottom of the windows, where the quarter round is the installers did not caulk. The caulking goes to where the quarter round starts. I initially noticed this because I felt cold and wind coming through that area. I'm starting to wonder if they even caulked around the sides where the quarter round is.

My question to everyone here is if this is a normal practice? Are installers supposed to leave a half inch or so of uncaulked area on the top and bottom of the windows or do I need to call them and have them come out and finish the job?


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#2 Post by handyman19619 » Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:54 pm

call them imediately
the windows should have been caulked b4 the quarter round was installed. this is not normal. did they do any exterior trim work did you pay for exterior trim (coil)?
sounds like a half arse job to me. 1/4 round on the sides only. why not the top and bottom too?
what brand did you buy and from who and where?

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#3 Post by Guy » Wed Nov 09, 2005 7:13 am

I agree with handy, Sounds a bit suspicious in a way. Usually the quarter round will be on all four sides. If you were to remove it and look behind the frame you should see insulation tucked in the gap. You could also see caulking as handy pointed out. We don't caulk a gap if we trim it with quarter round. We just insulate the gap. The only time we will caulk is if there is no room for insulation somewhere. We will then pry the frame back and seal it up. Personally I would pull the trim off and look behind it before calling them back. It's better you know what's behind there in case the start throwing BS around. Good Luck!!!

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#4 Post by trevlix » Wed Nov 09, 2005 8:17 am

Thanks all - thats what I thought.

I'll pull off the 1/4 round and let you know what I find. I don't want to give names and brands out yet until they have a chance to defend themselves.

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#5 Post by Mass. window guy » Wed Nov 09, 2005 9:22 am

it is also possible that they made the window too narrow for the opening and covered their error with a molding.
when you remove the quarter round, if the space between the window frame and old wood buck frame is more than 1/2 inch, that is why they did it.
I typically prefer approx. 1/4 inch to allow for insulation wrap.
anything less than that is too difficult to insulate. anything larger than that and the molding will not properly cover the gaps and will result in the need of a new thicker molding or an ugly thick bead of caulk.

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