Simonton vs. Castle window people

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Simonton vs. Castle window people

#1 Post by Alene » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:49 pm

Hi all,
thank you so much for being on the net! This site has been amazingly helpful in learning about replacing our bay window.
Here's the situation:
I'm in SE PA, trying to replace a bay window (96x46?).
We've had several people coming out (Renewal by Anderson - too pricey; Home Remodeler's Group - still pricey; Castle window people - good price, don't know anything about their quality; and Home Depot - similar price to Castle with Simonton 6500 windows, don't know much about them either)
Any suggestions or comments? The warranty for Castle is by far the broadest, lifetime of the house, not just the window, or owner. All of them offer pretty much the same thing: low e, argon, grids inside, roof replacement, etc.
Please respond if you know anything about Castle.


#2 Post by windowmannjny » Thu Nov 10, 2005 11:17 am

i know about all of the companies that you researched as i do much work in the nj/ny...and a little in PA area. i would say that the home remodelers window is nice and the simonton as well, it would be a toss up, but i like the warranty that homedepot gives much like mine a lifetime. any questions please feel free to ask . If i can help you out in any other way i would be glad too

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