help in MD, please

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windows md
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help in MD, please

#1 Post by windows md » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:52 pm

Hi, I am another frustrated window shopper in MD.
I came accross this site a couple days ago and found it very helpful, thank you.
we are thinking of replacing original wood windows in the house built in '86.
so far we are dealing with company Window Nation, who basically installs Softlite. They offer Elements and Bainbridge.
I 've seen here all the positive notes about the Elements, but Bainbridge is attractive to me because of its narrow sash since
my windows are rather narrow 27x61.
Can you please advise if Bainbridge is a good window? and if not what it is actually lacking and what other options for narrow line sash should we consider?
Does somebody has any comments about 'Window Nation' company? They say that window installment will be done by people from Softlite. They provide lifetime full warranty.
The company located in MD and Ohio. The price as quoted about $500 a piece.
My other little dilemma, the house is brick facade, with light cream trim. Currently all 8 windows painted same color as trim. Brainbridge can be done on outside as white only with cream trim, Elements can be done as custom color.
what people commonly do? Or should I look for windows with custom color which is considerably more expensive?
Appreciate all the help.

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Re: help in MD, please

#2 Post by buddy110 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:14 pm

Softlite's products are all pretty solid. There's a poster on this board named Windows on Washington who's in your area. Contact him, I believe he handles SL He can be contacted here


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