Suggestions on Brands for Casement windows needed

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Suggestions on Brands for Casement windows needed

#1 Post by Monkeygirl75 » Mon Dec 26, 2005 4:07 pm

Hello everyone-
I am looking to replace all of my windows in my condo, which all happen to be casement windows. There are sooo many brands out there, that I need some recommendations/reviews of which brands are overpriced for the name and quality- basically which to stay away from and not get ripped off - (one that I have been told has problems is Pella w/ the seals for preventing condenstation inbetween the windows)

Anything would be good, since I am un-educated in the the window world-

Thanks :)

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#2 Post by Bill » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:02 am

A good place to start educating yourself is here by reading old posts, most questions have been asked more than twice.

I also think you need to decide on whether you want a vinyl window or a wood window and begin to research specific brands.

For vinyl we have been very happy with Simonton, Shuco is a favorite here along with a few others; I prefer a good quality vinyl window.

I have never heard of Pella having an unusually high failure rate with their glass but they have had some problems with their Pro Line series in the past with the wood frames rotting out. They have made some changes to correct the problem.

For wood Marvin and Eagle appear to be the favorites among the experts here who handle wood.

As far as a particular brand being overpriced, the better question is what dealers are overpriced. The price for the same window can vary greatly between dealers selling the same window.

Take your time and compare.

Uneeda Window of N.J.

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#3 Post by JScott » Sat Dec 31, 2005 11:43 am

Do not exclude fiberglass and just look at wood and vinyl. Especially on casements. Eight times stronger than vinyl eliminates bowing and no wood to rot. Infinity from Marvin offers this without losing any glass space like a big honkin plastic window. Fiberglass is paintable to match any condos exterior color requirement as well. If Infinity is not available in your area then look at Milgard.

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#4 Post by FenEx » Mon Jan 02, 2006 4:22 pm


Here's another post of yours bashing vinyl... oh, that's right you prefer to use the term, "plastic" because it sound cheaper. In regards to strength, yes it's true that a piece of flat stock fiberglass (Ultrex) does have a higher tensile strength than vinyl, this however is not applicable to your implied superiority in windows. Don't get me wrong, I like some Marvin products, have been through their plant in Warroad, MN, and have dined with members of the Marvin family on numerous occasions. Great operation, great family and hands down the best wood windows on the market... but the Integrity and Infinity are a different story. Decent, mid-grade products at best, and by no means to be considered one of the best windows available. They have only moderately efficient glass packs and far from perfect engineering designed to offer a different marketing option than vinyl... but unfortunately not a better one. The frames are NOT stronger than the highly engineered, better performing, reinforced vinyls in the industry, and have considerably less options to the homeowner. Take a look at the Design Pressure ratings for both... it's not even close. For those of you who don't know, The DP ratings test the structural integrity of the entire window unit for it's strength under pressures. If fiberglass and composites are advertised to be so much stronger than vinyls, <scratchin' head>, why are their tested results on windows inferior? They invested in great marketing strategies... instead of great window engineering.

By the way... what exactly does, "Big-Honkin" mean?

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#5 Post by JScott » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:49 am

Big Honkin is termed in that for a vinyl window to have the strength the amount of vinyl is large. When you install a Marvin fiberglass unit into an existing frame it looks like the orginal wood window in that there is no reduction in glass space. When you drive down the street and see vinyl replacement window installed they look like a big piece of honkin plastic. A DP30 and DP40 unit is fine for my region. 142 mph winds, not here. In your area you may need a DP of 50 or greater. Use your Schucco or a Gorell. Vinyl windows do have there place. Heading for Orlando, talk with you next week. If you are going to the show have a safe trip.

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