Simonton 5500 vs. Softlite Imperial LS

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Re: Simonton 5500 vs. Softlite Imperial LS

#31 Post by micro » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:05 pm

HI again to the pros!

Well, here I am on the 21st day of March and still have not yet finalized anything. I had our SImonton dealer come over Saturday morning with an updated 9800 Impressions "demo" window he had just received so we could see how it looked in person with the correct hand lifts on it.

I was disappointed and so was my wife.

This "sample" window was white framed and had chrome plated lock and lifts on it. Then, it seemed as if someone forgot to remove the excess raised melted vinyl from the corners on the exterior side and on one interior corner. I mean, it was so raised and jaggedy I was extremely apparent, while others seemed less obtrusive.

WHY would a company send out a display to a dealer who is going to show this to a prospective customer looking like this?

I asked if this is what I could expect on my full size windows because if it was, I would not want them. This was really bad. I think it is just negligence as if someone at the plant that made this up didn't take time to clean it up.

But, I have no way of knowing that. As a manufacturer of products myself, I know a little about quality and a whole lot about engineering and manufacturing. This was just a sloppy job in my opinion.

However, am I correct in asking for some re-assurances that NO WINDOWS on our order would come to our house looking like this because if they did I would have to reject them?????

The dealer is going to check with Simonton regarding consistency on its fusion welds and rough, highly raised excess on the corners of the windows, sash and frame, interior and exterior.

As of now, I have not heard anything back.

Also, did you know you cannot get a flat grid in a Simonton Triple paned window? You have to go with the contoured grid because the flat one is too thick to go in between the panes. I found that out as well.

I am a little bummed out at the moment. We liked the look of the Simonton 9800 and its performance numbers but are disappointed with that demo window.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the Softlite dealer's showroom and re-look at a full sized Imperial LS. I told this dealer he is a few hundred dollars high on his price and he seems willing to adjust. I also want him to use the closed cell foam to fill and seal with.

Man, getting down to the final closing decision is a bear. HAve you all run into this before?



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Re: Simonton 5500 vs. Softlite Imperial LS

#32 Post by hootie » Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:39 pm

Jeff, how did your Imperial LS windows turn out? Triple pane, right?

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