Simonton 7300: Choice of Stucco Trim Frame?

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Simonton 7300: Choice of Stucco Trim Frame?

#1 Post by wishiknew2 » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:04 pm

In No. Calif. and going with Simonton 7300 for 19 window which are mostly sliders with 2 SH. We also have 3 large half circle arch window in the front. I have the choice of going with the Bullnose single wall fin or the Craftsman double wall fin trim at the same costs. Besides the cosmetic appearance, is there advantages of one over the other.

So far:
Bullnose - can be trimmed back to within 1/8" of stucco for a slimmer look (which might be helpful with a couple of 70 x 9 picture windows and a 46 x 10 slider).
Craftsman - double fin won't show contour of underlying stucco though I'm not sure this would even be a problem with untrimmed Bullnose
I believe both frames have the same frame width .

Thanks for any input.

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