is this quote reasonable?

For all those Replacement Window questions

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cbrp- where are you in western NY, because that is a lot to pay.

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New quote

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Exactly -- we felt the same way so we contacted the company and after a few converstation have a much more reasonable price for the same windows. :D

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I hope it was a substantial discount because your first quote was beyond ridiculous .

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Seems its folks like this contractor who give all schuco dealers the bad rep.

$1631 a window
$1256 a window

mind sharing what you ended up at?

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#20 Post by Bill » Sun Jan 22, 2006 11:31 am

I haven’t had time to respond to this till now.

I still think that checking references is a useful tool, it will show if a company has the ability to please people and if you are dealing with a larger firm that has several crews you can request or even make it part of the contract that the same crew that installed for the satisfied customer installs your job.

With the exception of checking out a company with the BBB you can poke holes in any of the suggestions if you want. Holding back money will only protect you against a reputable company whose wish it is to please you. We also do our installs with a minimal deposit because I have confidence in my product and installers but many companies require a 1/3 to as much as a ½ down so if the project goes bad and the contractor does not perform the expense of the repairs could cost far more then the balance held back.

I have a friend whose brother GC is own renovation and would buy the best material but go with the lowest labor bid. He purchased a top of the line Certainteed shingle gave ½ down to the contractor and his crew came in did the install in one day and what a mess exposed nails everywhere. The entire roof needed to be removed and replaced; the contractor is no where to be found.

Ok so you say take them to court; I sell to contractors and I can tell you it’s easy to get a judgment against someone. You get most of them by default because they just don’t show up but collecting the judgment is another story.

Going with your gut feeling sounds nice but have you ever spoke to a person who has been swindled they will often say “but he was the nicest guyâ€

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#21 Post by HipKat » Wed Feb 01, 2006 1:46 pm

Having just moved from western new york, and having worked for the comany at one time that showed the windows, shop around, I urge you. Contact my old company, Modern Windows, in Buffalo, and let them give you a quote. They're very no pressure and informative.

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#22 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:50 pm

Let's see the original post here was for 19 windows for 17,000.00, about $900.00@ wow!!!!!!!!It really pays to shop in this business. I sell a lot of Alside Sheffield's and other misc brands. Unless your windows include outside wrapping interior woodgrain-triple glaze and a free trip to the Bahamas-your paying too much. I can't get them but Alside sells a window called Preservation which operates smoother is more energy efficient than a Schuco window in the double hung lines and probably has a better air test. I looked up the price for a 32x60 with triple glaze including exterior wrap and you could buy them for $750@ Is it as nice as a Schuco? Has shadow groove welded corners operates smoother than a Schuco-has a lower total unit u .17-.19 but not quite the interior detail but still very nice. I have seen a lot of Schuco's, and yes it's a very good window. Is it the best no but one of the best and which one is-hell I don't know there are a lot of very good windows. What I don't like about Schuco is when they first entered this market they operated like a bunch of the old tin-men, the today only deal and prices that were really too high, or at least any kind of deal. They still have too many dealers like this and their quality control is suspect at times. I've read all kinds of post about late deliveries and other problems so they are not at the top just yet.

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