Window help in Central PA

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Window help in Central PA

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My husband and I are starting to replace the windows in our home, but are not able to replace all of them at once. Our home was built in 1941, and the windows we are replacing first are the original windows. We got suckered into a visit from Appleby windows, and then from a local company selling the Park Avenue window- both quoting us over $1000/window. We finally had a local guy visit last night to give us a quote- he sells Thermal Industries windows. For standard size, double hung windows, no grids, with a full screen, his price was $520 for the DH-525 or $550 for the DH-530. We chose not to even get a quote for the 310 series. He also offered us a deal that if we purchase at least 3 windows, we would get free installation, so for the DH-525 it would be $1400 and for 3 DH-520's it would be $1485. We have calls in to at least 2 other local contractors that we are waiting to hear back from with esitmates. However, I am so confused now as to what a reasonable price per window is, and what brands are truly good quality vinyl replacement windows. We also have someone we know who would be willing to install the windows for us if we purchase them ourselves, however, I don't really feel comfortable going that route, just in case there would be problems in the future. Can anyone give me some advice on what some quality windows are and what a reasonable price is? Thank you!

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Re: Window help in Central PA

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Most of the Pros posting on this site agree that Sunrise, Okna, Softlite and Gorell are all pretty good windows. All or most should be available to you. Gorell and Okna are made in Pa. Pricing varies from dealer to dealer so we recommend you get several estimates.

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Re: Window help in Central PA

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You are in one of two states that are home to some great manufacturers.

You will be well served to just continue your research, educate yourself on what is a well performing window, and equip yourself to sort through what is often time a very confusion process (depending on who you get quotes from).

At the end of the day, your window choice, pocket book, and home will be the better from your research.

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