Reliable Mid-Grade Windows - Good Value

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Reliable Mid-Grade Windows - Good Value

#1 Post by InfoSponge » Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:09 am

Are there any good, reliable brands of mid-grade vinyl or fiberglass windows (DH and sliders) that can be had for $400 or so? I'm fixing up a home to resell and replacing very old aluminum windows. I can't spend a bundle, but I also have no interest in putting in garbage. Spending $750 for top of the line stuff is out of the question, since I'll just be throwing money to the eventual buyer, and the only lower priced things I see are from Window World. I'm looking for double-pane argon and u = ~.3 with low SHGC, since this is a warmish but moderate climate.

Brands around here are thees and more:
Simonton (the nice ones are $500+)
Pella (quality?)
Alside (quality?)
Republic (quality?)
Schuco (nice, $700+)
Jeld Wen
Crestline (?)
Vetter (?)
Marvin (?)
[Home Depot, Lowes]

For those of you that sell windows, what are your "best value" brands that provide good performance without breaking the bank? If I can't get reasonably good windows for around $400, I'll just pass and let the new owner take care of replacing them.

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#2 Post by wayside » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:33 pm

I'm in the process of getting Marvin Infinity windows in my house, this is a nice fiberglass window with a low e/argon double pane.

One of the local distributors quoted me $325 for 30x48 double-hungs for just the window (no installation).

It sounds like you are doing the install yourself, so this window might be in your sweet spot. It comes in a few different exterior colors, which might look better with the brick than a bright white.

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#3 Post by InfoSponge » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:19 pm

I've heard good things form others about those Infinity windows. I found a local dealer but their window guy is out today, so I'll see later this week. If I find something slightly more expensive than $400 installed, I'll still consider it for the right window.

I'm not actually planning to do most of the installation myself (I may do the prep and remove the old windows, though) - I'm just interested in how it is done and home improvement techniques in general.

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