Bryn Mawr Warranty for 1995 Installations

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Re: Bryn Mawr Warranty for 1995 Installations

#16 Post by HomeSealed » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:44 pm

Door&WindowPlus wrote:For those that bought Certainteed windows on the West Coast. Contact Ply Gem for warranty

Certainteed sold its plants to Ply Gem in California.

Ply Gem sells the Premium 1000 now - which is a redesigned Bryn Mawr
UGGGHHHH... I was not aware that they used that product out there. I'll be sure to specify my Plygem commentary (as a nice, B grade product) only referring to the Great Lakes variety (formerly the Grandview 5000).
... Are you sure about that though? MI is the company that now sells that product around here. I realize that companies have different offerings depending on region, but I've not seen the same product sold by two different major corporations in different areas. Here it is the MI 1650/Bryn Mawr II (still sold at Menards under the Certainteed label)/ Cutting Edge (Allied Building Products "exclusive")... Poor window by all accounts.
The only positive is that is looks half-way attractive and has decent option content (colors, etc).

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