"How to" for a picture window

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"How to" for a picture window

#1 Post by sitedrifter » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:00 pm

getting a new picture window installed but installer has not visited to measure first so I have a question (just trying to be prepared)

The current picture window looks to be a simple 1.50" think aluminum frame window. the glass IG seems like it is .50" and the rest of the frame on the interior is not a channel but boxed and it has screws in it. About 4 screws per side which seems to be what is holding it in. When the installers remove the picture window, would the new Softlite (Imperial PW9) be screwed into the frame/reveal which is about 5.5 inches deep? (wood reveal, not sheetrock)

My other 10 windows by another brand all had naling fins on them which is good because they had an integral J-channel to accept my new siding. However, I do not think the Imeprial has a built in J-channel but it can be ordered with a nailing fin. the nailing fin would work in my situation but I do not know how far the window would protrude past the exterior siding which is 1x8 pine wrapped in coil. But then again, can the installers make it look good with new wrap etc?

Sorry for all the questions but I want know has many angles as I can about the installation before it happens


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