Price sanity check

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Price sanity check

#1 Post by ranman » Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:25 pm

I'd like to replace the windows in my home. I currently have aluminum clad wood windows but am looking at vinyl replacement units.

I got a quote for Sunrise windows; not sure of the line, but I'm sure they are not Restorations. Price for 20 windows was $17,372. That was with the base glass package (Ultra-U Plus), but was for tan exterior and wood grain interior. This was for 17 double hung (14 in the 91 to 99 UI range, 3 in the 71 to 75 UI range) , 2 casement (both 85 UI), and 1 picture (109 UI).

Based on a separate quote for doors from the same company, I suspect this is a bit on the high side (they were about 40% higher than another quote for the same doors). The quote is from a large reputable home improvement company in the area.

I'm getting a quote for Soft-lite windows next week, but I just wondered if the price I was quoted of $17,372 seemed reasonable. The salesman said that woodgrain added 25%, and the tan exterior added 5%. We really wanted the earthtone exterior but was told that added 20% vs. 5% for the tan.

On a related note, does anyone know if OKNA windows are available in southwest Ohio?


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Re: Price sanity check

#2 Post by HomeSealed » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:36 pm

That price may be on the higher end of the "reasonable" range, but there are a lot of variables that go into that. The best way to figure it out would be to simply get a couple more quotes on comparable products. To answer the Okna question, I do not believe that they have a dealer in Ohio currently, although they are expanding West pretty rapidly, so I'd imagine that they will soon.

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