Replacements for an old house? Help!

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Replacements for an old house? Help!

#1 Post by pebrill » Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:53 pm

OK...we just bought a 150 year old house on Long Island, NY with 29 original (drafty) windows. Looking for replacements. I'm OK with a vinyl exterior but I need a wood interior. I also need interior and exterior grilles and would prefer the spacers between the glass, too. Pella just quoted me $38,000, Home Depot quoted me $46,000 for the Andersons and I'm in shock. The Anderson Renewals aren't selling yet in New York. Any suggestions? Help, please!

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Re: Replacements for an old house? Help!

#2 Post by Tru_blue » Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:33 pm

Your grille requirements help drive the price up. From what I've observed, metal grilles between the glass or removable wood grilles sell for about $3-$6 per lite depending on the brand, simulated divided lites with exterior & interior grilles are about $14-$18 per lite without spacers, and if they also have an internal spacer between the SDL's it pushes the price up to $20-$28/lite, again depending on the brand, markup, etc. So if you had a double hung with let's say 6 lites per sash, that could be 12 lites x $25 = $300 just for the upcharge for the grilles. Adds up pretty quickly. SDL with exterior/interior grilles with a wood interior sure would look great on a 150 yr old home, but it is a costlier way to go. There are other windows you could look at that meet your requirements of wood interior/clad exterior, but as far as wood goes Pella and Andersen both have decent performance and are well-respected manufacturers that will presumably be around. If there's any home shows in your area you could check out many windows at once; good luck with your shopping and research!

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#3 Post by Trav2340 » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:12 pm

try Ideal they have a few showrooms out there

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