Advice on matching colors vinyl window to alum wrap to trim

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Advice on matching colors vinyl window to alum wrap to trim

#1 Post by J-Windows » Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:08 pm

And I thought picking a window was tough. Picking exterior colors is the hard part!

One of the key reasons we went with Soft-Lite was the better interior faux-wood match and the fact that they would custom-match the exterior vinyl color. So no problem right, we can pick any exterior color we want?

It turns out the dumb aluminum wrapping on the brickmold is the pain in the bottom. It only comes in 250 color choices, which sounds like a lot, until you realize that's the same number of colors your PC had in 1990, and you know how realistic those graphics looked.

There's a dozen browns (in the red to black range), and about 3-5 options that aren't terrible, and a couple that kinda match what we'd already chosen for the exterior color. But they don't match quite close enough. Nothing clashes worse than two colors that are kinda close to each other.

The other big issue is the reflectivity/texture. At least the ring of aluminum rectangles we got with the colors on them are very shiny paint, and also textured. The color and brightness changes dramatically depending on direct lighting and angle. It looks a completely different color in the shade versus direct sunlight, and completely different at one angle versus the other. This makes me very worried about how it will match up with the window and trim in real life. Even if we did a perfect color match between all three, will the shininess and angular/light variations of the aluminum ring around the window make it always appear to glow or be a different color than everything else?

And is the aluminum wrap typically textured or is a flat?

Is it possible/recommended to just paint the aluminum wrap in post to get a better match? I've been told the factory finish will last forever (though it will "fade" over time), but if you paint it you'll need to repaint in 10 years because it will chip off. Is that true?

Is there an alternative? The PVC from azek only comes in white. I get so much mixed answers on painting vinyl. Of course the paint store says you can paint anything. The windows guys tell you it'll void the warranty. And the contractors say painted PVC will fade and chip in 5 years. I don't know the truth. I almost wish we could just have wood. But I really want the benefit of maintenance free. Some of our existing wood brickmold is rotting, and the woodpeckers get to it. But that was just one part of the house where a tree was rubbing against it, and we've since trimmed the tree back considerably.

We have the same issue with our gutters. They were aluminum, picked a "close enough" color to the existing trim and that actually worked out rather well. But since we'll be changing the trim color, we'll need to paint those gutters. I'll pay someone else to do it, but just wondered if they're going to start chipping in a few years. If it would be cheaper or better to just replace the gutters with a better matching new color.

While I'm at it I'll ask one more question. Do you think the "Grids" in the window are best to match the exterior window/trim/brickmold color, or is like a neutral beige? The grids seem to stand out a bit more in a lighter color, and blend in a bit more with matching (darker brown). The biggest pain of these new windows is the in-between the glass grids. I don't know who thought up that idea, but it means if we ever wanted to change the exterior color, we'd have to get new windows since you can't paint the grids inside the glass.

Apparently so I've been told by window sellers, the entire southern half of the US just uses white windows inside and out. It's some northern states thing to have wood windows and colors and things like that. I personally think white vinyl inside and out looks cheap and nasty. All the interior trim in the house is oak. And all the exterior trim on the house is painted. white wouldn't match anything and would stand out like a sore thumb. If you had white painted interior trim like a nice colonial or victorian it would probably look good. Or if you just had vinyl/alum siding it probably wouldn't matter what color the windows were.

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Re: Advice on matching colors vinyl window to alum wrap to trim

#2 Post by Delaware Mike » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:02 pm

Regarding the grids, I would only have the exterior grid color match the exterior of the vinyl window period, if that's what you're asking? I've learned from experience that it's best to just show folks the standard swatch of exterior trim coil colors and not break out the monster master swatch. Folks get crazy with all of the choices and can never make up their mind and it just leads to contracting insanity. If you aren't going to go with a contrasting trim coil color from that of the window, I would get as close as possible and see what it looks like once it's up including the paintable exterior caulking. If you can't live with it you can hit up Sherwin Williams for an appropriate exterior paint that is custom batched to match the window. It will be a pain in the backside, but folks do paint their trim coil from time to time. I don't like the look of painted trim coil personally because most of the homeowners that I've seen do this are terrible painters and just butcher things up.

Keep in mind that all of the fascia and window caps that are colored once installed on a house are going to fade from exposure to the elements.

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