Comfort World 4000 vs Pella 350

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Comfort World 4000 vs Pella 350

#1 Post by ptgtheman » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:52 pm


I am going to be purchasing new windows for my home. I have been looking between window world and Lowes. I have read negative and positive about both. I am too the point where I feel confident in either of them. My question now is about the products I am looking at vs. the prices.

Lowes-Pella 350, Vinyl, Single Hung window
8 windows, one being double which I am counting as two and two windows (bathrooms) being picture windows with obscured glass. Also I am getting a 6ft slider. The windows and doors have low e and argon and Lowes is going to replace the old trim with new hardie trim. This is going to run me 5500 and I will receive a 600 gift card that I will be using towards polycarbonate storm panels.

Window World-Comfort 4000, Vinyl, Double Hung windows
All the same type of windows except for them being double hung only it’s going to run me 4600 and they will install the hardie instead of putting up the old stuff if I purchase it (around 200) and cut it for them. They are also quoting me for aluminum storm panels at around 1400, I think they forgot to include the panels for the slider though so that number may jump up.
So either way I’ll probably be looking at 6000. I am unsure which product is better though if for the same money at WW I should go for double hung even though I really don’t care about that feature. Thanks for any advice you guys can offer me.

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Re: Comfort World 4000 vs Pella 350

#2 Post by TheWindowNerd » Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:08 am

You should get the thermal and structural test data for each of the products as specified for your project and compare them.
Next compare the written warranties.
Lastly check consumer reporting agencies( angies list or QualityGuild) to see how they do in the real world with customer satisfaction, anything lower than an average of 95% completely satisfied would disqualify them.

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Re: Comfort World 4000 vs Pella 350

#3 Post by Windows on Washington » Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:44 pm

ptgtheman wrote:I meant that I was comfortable with either other the sales locations and installers. I have talked to several people I know who have had windows installed by the installers out of the location I am going to and they have had nothing but positive to say. I am unsure of the merchandise and what’s the better deal.
I am going to sound a bit like a broken record here but I am also not a fan of either.

The Pella 350 is a newer design from them and is a great advancement in terms of their vinyl offering, however, it still has a pocket sill.

The pocket sill is a huge drawback in my opinion and is what I would consider an Achilles heel when there are so many good slope sill windows out there. That all being said, the Excalibur (Alside - Window World 4000) is a fully welded sloped sill but has just as many other issues that probably add up to the net negative impact of a sloped sill.

You could inquire about the Window World 6000 (Alside Sheffield) for a comparison but it is a huge bulky window as compared to the Pella 350 and Window World 4000.

I realize this probably helps you exactly 0% but that is my honest impression. Is there any way you can look at some additional options?

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Re: Comfort World 4000 vs Pella 350

#4 Post by HomeSealed » Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:53 pm

I think that you could find a better performing product at that price.

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