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glass package

#1 Post by tmdteach » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:27 pm

I believe I've selected a great window for us. Not top of the line but still seems like a solid choice for our budget. I've decided on Sunrise upgraded to have the reinforcement I asked about before, half screens. My question is on the glass package.

Front of house (12 windows) gets full sun so I think the Ultra U+12 is the right choice for the front. The back of the house gets morning sun, but there is a large sunroom original to the house (crawlspace underneath, heated/cooled like the rest of the house). It has 12 windows, 6 @ 36x74 and 6 @ 32x74.

Should I do the upgraded glass on the back side of the house for $480 (24 remaining windows)? I was wondering if allowing more heat through the windows in the sunroom is actually a good thing given it seems to get too cold in the winter more often than it gets too hot in the summer. Conversely, would I make up $480 in heating/cooling costs if we did the remaining 24 windows with the U+12?

The quote is for the regular screens. If I upgrade to Optiview, it is another $270. If you had to choose between better screens or upgraded glass in the back of the house, which would you choose?

Is there a big tinting difference between the Ultra U+ and Ultra U+12? If not, I don't see a reason to spend the money on the more reflective glass for the garage (or even screens for that matter).

Many, many thanks!

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Re: glass package

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:38 pm

It is nearly impossible to predict whether or not you would save that money with the Utra 12+ vs standard Ultra 12.

In most cases, folks put too low a SHGC glass in their homes because they are afraid of summer heat and don't realize that standard Low-e (i.e. 2 soft coat) will reduce the radiant heat by over 2 fold already.

I think you are on the right track.

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