Accu-weld Invision 6500 windows? Versus Schuco?

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#16 Post by HipKat » Sun Mar 05, 2006 11:16 pm

FJB, of the Buffalo office, that I used to work for, sells Accu-weld as their "B" window.
It's obviously not a Schuco window.The guy you saw was Roger, from the Rochester office. He looks like he should be on The Sopranos.
FJB is the inhouse home improvement company for BJ's, and they had to have a lesser grade window to offer to honor that contract.
Also, because of the wood, the Anderson frames only carry a 10 yr warranty.

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#17 Post by rjacob » Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:18 am

Thanks for all of the info. Yeah, I think his name was Roger. I am still debating about what type of sliders. I spent the weekend ripping mouldings off of some of my windows, and sliders, and sealing around them, and replaing the mouldings with new, more comtemporary ones. I think they look nicer. I have alot more to do. This will help air seal our house even more. I am not actually going to be replacing the doors until until Spring or Summer at the earliest. It has been in the 20's outside, I don't particularly want a big hole in the side of my house in the middle of winter. If there was a problem, it would really suck to have to wait for a new door to be delivered, or wait for the installers to come back, or whatever.

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