Need Replacement Casement advice (Massachusetts)

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Need Replacement Casement advice (Massachusetts)

#1 Post by Ten-thumbs » Sun Mar 12, 2006 12:06 pm

Heeeeeelp Please?

I need to replace 7 casement windows (20 yr old Andersen).
size is 45" x 26 1/4 "

I've replaced numerous double-hungs over 10 years but have no idea who the "various" manufacturers are, what the U value is etc.

I do know that they were professionally installed, have held up beautifully and have substantially improved heat loss of the rooms & home. They also ran in the $300 range (2000 and prior.)

I don't want the cheapest window on the market, but I do want good value.
---don't need a double lifetime warrantee, or triple pane.
++I need low-e (it's Mass. code), and a low U rating.
(only plan to live here another 10 yrs)

Home Depot quoted me appx $700 a window--installed--then called back to offer me the 10% "special offer." Waay too high !

Rescon (local dist.) came out, but wouldn't quote me because my wife wouldn't sit in on his presentation.

Another company never showed up....

I don't expect to be taken. If anything, I'm quite sceptical as I am a national account manager (aka salesman) for a big corp.

***Can a decent window be bought for $350 to $400 installed, if not what should I expect to pay.

***Am I better off to buy the windows and have contractor install them?

I understand that Lowes, HD etc. do not have good quality stock windows.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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