Kensington or Sunrise or Castle windows or Soft-lite

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Kensington or Sunrise or Castle windows or Soft-lite

#1 Post by rpolyak » Thu Apr 07, 2005 4:58 pm

I got 2 quotes for 9 DH windows and 1 slider. and waiting for 1 more

Slider 35" x 37"
Bow 2x 24" x 53" and 1 35" x 53"
2x 31" x 49"
2x 23" x 37"
2x 35" x 53"

Castle "The window people" came in at $5900.00
SunRise came in at $5488.00
Kensington Huntington II Plus $4700.00
Soft-Lite $xxxx.xx

SunRise and Kensington both have foam filling LowE/Argon glass package.
Castle no filling but LowE/Argon glass
Soft-lite I would like to get the same as the SunRise/Kensington.

We pretty muched rulled out Castle, just for the hard nose selling tactics they were using. But How does Sunrise/Kensington/Soft-Lite all compare? The Sunrise sounds nice in Air infiltration, but the Kensington has a better U-Value, The R-Value is approx the same on both of them. Then the Soft-Lite looks to have approx the same R/U-Value as the others.

Any recommendations would be good? How are the Kensington? the SunRise has a really nice Slider? Then how does the Soft-Lite compare to the other to? Each of the Contractors all have good references, I'm just getting lost with windows, any suggestions would be thankful.


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