Windows In Maryland

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Windows In Maryland

#1 Post by lmbree » Tue Apr 26, 2005 3:16 pm

I had some general questions on where to begin this process. I had a bad sales experience(hiding the numbers and then showing them to me. No per window cost, just a sum and a "let me call my boss to give you this price" crap. Even said he was the owners cousin, so he could give me special pricing. Those tactics really turned me off) last year and decided to put off new windows in my house (30 years old).

1. Is it just best to invite 3-4 companies that offer a few different windows to my house to discuss estimates and then begin comparing?
2. I plan on living in the house for 3-5 years but I could be moving within a year if my job asks me too, how should this change what I am looking at?
3. What brands / where should I start? Anything will have to be better than the wood windows i have now, where there are places with a 2 inch gap at the top and bottom. We have storm windows, but it has to be the least efficient window setup ever.


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