Simonton vs. PGT vs. ViWinTech vs. ??? - St Pete, FL

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Simonton vs. PGT vs. ViWinTech vs. ??? - St Pete, FL

#1 Post by Windowtap » Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:59 pm

I have a 29-year old concrete block house in St Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay) with the original single pane windows. We are getting estimates for different makes of hurricane impact windows and sliding glass doors (preferably Miami-Dade approved) to replace what we have.

PGT and Viwintech are comparably priced, while the one quote we have for Simonton Stormbreaker is about 30% higher. We've talked with Pella and will speak with Stanek.

It's quite confusing...some say vinyl is better than aluminum; others say vice versa. Some say the laminated glass should be on the exterior and the single paned glass on the interior; others say vice versa. Some offer only double-hung windows; others offer the less expensive single-hung. We prefer single-hung since we rarely open windows in this climate.

I haven't heard of Viwintech; the dealer recommended them over Seasonshield.

Can anyone out there help us sort through what we brand we should get and why?


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#2 Post by WindDoze » Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:15 pm

I live in MN, so I'm hardly an expert in hurricane windows. But I do know that Simonton has really gone into that segment hard. Their Stormbreaker window is one of the few that have the Dade County approval.

Simonton StormBreakerâ„¢ Plus Products Receive Dade County Approval

PARKERSBURG WV - Building industry professionals working on coastal area projects can now rely on Simonton StormBreakerâ„¢ Plus products for the best protection against severe storms. The impressive line of impact resistant windows has just passed the ultimate test by receiving the Dade County building code approval.

“Everyone knows Dade County, Florida has the strictest building codes in the country,â€

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