Single Hung vs. Double Hung

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Single Hung vs. Double Hung

#1 Post by SDG » Fri Apr 15, 2005 11:10 am

I have a one story house that am replacing the windows in.
The windows are easily accessible from the ground for cleaning.
I can get single hung for $200 less than double hung.
We don't use windows for ventilation very often.
I have been told that single are better for me because of less moving parts.
Do you think the resale value of the house would be better with double hung?
Would appreciate any thoughts.


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#2 Post by Guy » Sat Apr 16, 2005 6:56 am

The DH window was mainly invented in the times that we never had AC in our homes. The idea was to drop the upper sash down a bit and the lower sash up a bit. The cool air would come in the bottom and push the heated air out the top. So each room could have it's own ventilation capabilities. With the high efficient heating and AC of today you don't see many people using their top sash anymore. I know there are many advocates out there that feel the SH is just a cheap knock off of the DH. I personally feel it's a stronger unit with the fixed panel above. Since the top panel is fixed it holds the active sash much tighter. THis makes it an easier installation also. You don't have to sit and play with shims to keep the reveals in line. I would go with the SH unit in a heartbeat to save the extra cash. Since you can access them so easily from the outside to clean. Good Luck!!

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