triple pane vs double pane

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Re: triple pane vs double pane

#16 Post by masterext » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:18 am

Great explanation regarding sound reduction. Most guys dismiss the additional benefits of sound reduction by going with triple pane glass. I have saved a countless number of customers a significant amount of money by steering them towards triple pane opposed to laminated glass for noise reduction. If they live by an airport or next to a railriad then i may push the laminated option.
The additional reduction in sound from double pane to triple pane is much more significant than the stc numbers show. At least that has been my experience. I talked with an engineer from cardinal a while back about this very subject and how there was only a slight difference between double and triple glass' stc numbers. He simply said " more mass equals less sound". Keep in mind an air tight window helps as well, if air is coming in, so is outside noise.
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Re: triple pane vs double pane

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I appreciated all the feedback I received. I am now trying get my head around the quotes and numbers and figure out what is best. Thanks again all and I will update you when I decide.

Again, I appreciate the answers

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