Update and questions re our Simonton 9800 installation

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Update and questions re our Simonton 9800 installation

#1 Post by newbie in Mass » Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:54 pm

So we're partly complete with our installation. I say partly becuase it has dragged on for a week and a half, and we're getting frustrated. The first day they installed over half the windows, but were missing some type of plastic strip (outside fascia?) so they couldn't finish. Today they came back to complete, but apparently Simonton sent the wrong pieces, so they left after an hour with absolutely nothing done.

I've got two concerns for anyone who could jump in here. This installer has never installed the 9800 before, in fact had not heard of the window until I mentioned it to them. He assured me that they all install the same way - "like changing a tire" and his price was so much better than the experienced Simonton installer that we went with his company. My husband and I were just inspecting the windows again, and you can defintely feel a cool draft when you hold your hand in front of the edge of the window where it meets the wood molding.

On close inspection, we found that one of the window frames (the frame, not the sash) was narrower than the wood trim!! Pulling away the trim on another window, we found very poor insulation - literally just a few threads of expanding foam.

My husband thinks we don't have any real recourse, and that we should 1) remove all the wood trim (much of it is damaged already) and place additional insulation, and 2) buy wider wood trim on the one narrow framed window. We really don't think that they're trying to rip us off, and I know that they're as frustrated with the poor service from Simonton as we are. But it makes me upset that my husband would consider insulating all the windows himself (not to mention the sizing issue), isn't that what we're paying them for?

We would really appreciate any input or advice - thanks!


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#2 Post by customex » Mon Mar 20, 2006 7:19 pm

Nancy, if I understand the situation correctly, the problem with perimeter insulation, or lack thereof, is not the fault of Simonton, but rather your installer. You installer may have ordered the windows too small, or could just need to do a much better job of insulating around the window frames.

As to you husband's opinion of having no recourse, the best recourse is holding the final check until the work has been performed to your complete satisfaction. While you feel your installer is not trying to rip you off, and he may indeed be a great guy, you must hold the money (thus the power) until he does the job right. Be careful here, as your installer may try to convince you to go ahead and pay him now, and let him return later for additional work.

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