Need new windows in Raleigh NC

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Need new windows in Raleigh NC

#1 Post by Billm0066 » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:32 am

I have a home built in 1995 and it's time for the windows to be replaced. I'm looking for a good mid range window. From the research I've done here, it seems Okna, Soft Lite, and Sunrise are the top three manufacturers. Any other brands or series I should look into?

Soundproofing is important to me. There's a busy road in close vicinity so I would like to eliminate that noise from inside the home. I don't back directly up to it, but you can hear it a little from inside when you're close to the windows. I only need this on a few windows.

Any companies or people in Raleigh someone can recommend? I don't need a huge company. I'm fine with a single installer who does great work.

How much would I save if I ordered the windows and installed myself? I have not done a window before. I do have a good friend who is a GC and has done a lot of windows. I've installed my kitchen, build furniture, trim work, replace siding, tile work, etc.. I'm handy and curious about the diy route. I do have some rot around the windows so that will need to be addressed. The only way I would go this route if I just ordered and installed a couple windows at a time. For example, is the labor like 10% of the total cost? More or less?

When buying windows what is the norm for a deposit?

Last question. What numbers should I be looking for in terms of SHGC and U?

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Re: Need new windows in Raleigh NC

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:11 am

Those are 3 solid choices to stay within. I don't know of any companies in Raleigh off the top of my head.

Not sure if you will find those 3 brands to be sold as a cash and carry option to be installed by someone else. Normal deposit is between 33-50% in our area.

A newer replacement should help with the noise from the outset. Take a look at laminated glass if you are concerned about additional noise attenuation.

SHGC is fine for a mid-range in your area. You are a mixed climate.

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Re: Need new windows in Raleigh NC

#3 Post by Sherry » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:17 pm

I bought a casement window. I replaced the existing windows with soundproof windows. Soundproof windows will have multiple layers of glass with air gaps in between.They are effective but they can be quite expensive. Another alternative would be purchasing a window seal kit. A layer of ¼” inch thick glass is inserted into the perimeter seal. It is an inexpensive add on and removable.

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