5 quotes to compare for 18 double hung windows - advice?

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5 quotes to compare for 18 double hung windows - advice?

#1 Post by big_c » Wed Apr 20, 2005 12:33 pm

I live in Ohio, all of the windows are 100" or less in United Inches, have grids in top 1/2 and have 1/2 screens. I plan to sell this house in 3 years so Schuco is not in the equation. (sorry Schuco fans...not to mention the salesman never called me back)

All are for double pane low e argon. 18 windows total.

Reliabilt (Lowes) $5300
Alside Excalibur $5800 (also gives me a $300 Sams Club card)
Alside Sheffield Or Ultramaxx $6300 (also gives me a $300 Sams Club card)
Gilkey Premium window $7700
Champion (haha) $10,600 and they want to put a sign in my yard for 4 months

I'm leaning towards the Alside Sheffield or Gilkey. Champion and Reliabilt are out. Wondering if there really is a difference between Excalibur and Sheffield in the real world and not just in some lab tests.

I see people getting quotes MUCH higher for fewer windows. NEGOTIATE!

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#2 Post by windowrep » Wed Apr 20, 2005 1:36 pm

i live in ohio also. in the real world is exactly where we are living. there is minimal difference between the excaliber and the ultramaxx. and since you are selling your house go for the 500 dollar savings. i at one time sold alsides line of windows and can tell you not to expect great things from their windows. they are a mass distributer and they have quality issues. i live 2 miles from the plant and they are always hiring. a very high turn over rate. a lot of my time 5 years ago was spent on service issues. the excaliber is currently 139.00 plus free low e and argon thru may 8th. the ultramaxx 20 bucks more. install plus capping and you are paying a reasonable rate. unlike some of the other pricing you have apperantly seen on the board. i did get to go on a free cruise courtesy of alside reward points every year. sure do miss that. they will serve the purpose for you nicely. if you were to stay in the house any amount of time i would steer you in another direction. good luck

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