Quote for Okna, how low before you begin to wonder?

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Quote for Okna, how low before you begin to wonder?

#1 Post by TwoDogNight » Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:48 pm

Continued from my other question, but new topic since I've decided I'd like to get Okna 800.

21 DH (under 90 U.I.) + 1 picture (100 U.I.). All with GBG and full screens installed.

Harvey Tribute triple with foam: approx $12,000
Soft-Lite Elements double: approx $15,000
Zen Lotus triple: approx $17,000
Okna 500 double: $17,893

And then the outlier. Okna 500 double: $11647.40 Not a typo. 800 triple for approx $1200 less than Elements double??? Or about $4000 less than another Okna 500 double quote??? Either a few are too high or someone is "caulk and walk"? Anyone's spidey sense tingling?

Remove 21 individual wood DH sashes and jab liners and 1 picture, dispose properly.
Install 21 new white interior and exterior Insultec 500 series deluxe package vinyl DH replace with dual sash locks and see clear locking half screens (upgrade $239.40 for full)
Install one picture window with internal contoured colonial grids
Includes LowE/Argon U .25
If rotten sills and or casing, $130 per sill and $85 per casing. Note that none of the sills or casings seemed to be in any need of replacing on initial inspection
All windows with have 6/6 internal countered colonial grids expect 4 narrow which will be 4/4
Install wood stop molding at header on all DH windows
Homeowner responsible for removal of shades and hardware and re-installing
No painting is part of proposal
Remove job debris

Upgrade to 800: $819
Upgrade to triple :$1355

Name was provided by Okna. Angies doesn't have huge number of reviews, but no flaming rants. BBB since 2010 no complaints. Owner came by to measure.

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Re: Quote for Okna, how low before you begin to wonder?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:20 am

Tough to say. If they are an owner driven organization, perhaps they are lean on overhead and therefore keeping prices down.

Either way, you can't go wrong with all the research you have done and choices you have. There is no "right" answer without us knowing each company personally. Go with your gut I guess.

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Re: Quote for Okna, how low before you begin to wonder?

#3 Post by HomeSealed » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:09 am

+1. While the product may be apples to apples, it sounds like the company may not be? ...and that is not to say that either is good or bad. Pricing is driven in large part by the size and business model of the company in addition to the other obvious factor of product choice itself. I'll say that as far as prices go, the low price for 800 triple and the high price for 500 double are both in or near the range of reason, albeit closer to opposite ends of the spectrum. The low 800 triple price does get the spidey sense on alert to be sure, but as WoW stated, sounds like a smaller, newer, lower overhead company. A larger company would be losing money (or close to it) at that price. Companies that may have no location, no staff, etc can charge a lower price for obvious reasons. They also potentially present a larger risk in terms of being around to serve you down the road. That may or may not be a deal breaker for you. For me, if I'm making a five figure investment in my home I want it to mitigate risk as much as possible and obviously there is a premium for that, although when you take into account the service life of the product, say 30 years, that difference may not be so much...

I read a recent write up in a trade magazine (Remodeling I think)about a survey that was take over a 10 year period. I may be slightly misquoting here without having it in front of me, but I believe they had a statistic of something to the effect that business that sell over $1mil in volume yearly were 73% less likely to go out of business in that term, and that number went up in a linear fashion as the size of the company grew. The prices that companies charges typically go up linearly as they grow as well due to the need to coordinate and service that volume... Not saying either way is necessarily right or wrong, just some things to consider.

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