This is how it went

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Sunny Jim
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This is how it went

#1 Post by Sunny Jim » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:35 pm

First off I would like to thank everybody for the instruction. I would not have been aware of the brands available had it not been for this and other like sites. Here's what I came up with. I have 12 Windows, 11DH, 1 picture. Priced with double pane, standard white, full screens, grids inside glass on 4 DH windows,( front of house, left picture plain, not sure if I did that right ). I got 4 quotes as follows:

Quote 1, Sunrise standard, does include grid in picture and an awning window over kitchen sink that is not included in other quotes. $8597
Quote 2, Marvin Infinity full Ultrex. Grid in picture also. $10168
Quote 3, Polar Seal. Local mid-grade. $6657
Quote 4, Soft-Lite Imperial LS w/ Super Spacer + 1 extra 1/2 screen and glass breakage. $8500
Quote 5, Okna 800 - No dealer here, darn it!

1) Sunrise dealer is one man operation, uses fiberglass around insert. When asked he said labor would be included for 1yr.
2) Marvin dealer is probably like others, showroom, professional looking formatted quote. They use foam around frame. When asked he said labor was included for 3yrs
3) Polar Seal, small/med. company headquarters located in this town. Use foam around frame. Best written warranty EVER, full coverage including labor, will even come back to recaulk for life.
4) Soft-Lite dealer med.+ size, they do roofing,decks,siding...also. They use foam around insert and have a crew dedicated to windows. This time I gave a scenario that happens 5yrs after purchase, he said labor is covered for as long as we own the home. Reviews on this company back up this statement.

I liked all of the salesmen, friendly and professional, none were pushy.

I first cut Polar Seal, they have some good features, but not equal to the others. I had to see what this company was all about. I've seen there adds my whole life. Secondly I dropped Marvin, learned from you folks they are somewhat less efficient, longevity is yet to be proven, I haven't seen you guy's recommend them over the remaining vinyl, plus they cost more.
That left Sunrise and Soft-Lite. After reading forums many of you prefer rail reinforcement. I imagine my situation is precisely why you have that opinion. I have mostly 36's and a few plus 40" windows. That means to compare apple's I would need to look at the Sunrise Vanguard with reinforcement included. The dealer could get them, from what I see that's adding approximately $700? Now we are at $9300? with a 1yr labor warranty, no foam. Foam makes the most sense to me and IMO became a necessity.
I think Sunrise are great windows, things just didn't work out in my area.
My last quote was Soft-Lite, I went with them. I'm not sure, I might have paid too much, $708 per window, what do you guy's think? I am pretty sure I found a good dealer/installer and have a labor warranty I'm happy with.

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Windows on Washington
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Re: This is how it went

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:06 am

The Imperial LS is an extremely solid and well built window. Of the units you had at your disposal, I think you landed on the best performing unit.

What you are paying per unit is not at all out of the scope of what you would expect to pay for a top end unit.

Congrats on the research and putting in the work on the front end of things. You did well and your efforts should be rewarded.

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Re: This is how it went

#3 Post by randy » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:46 am

I second everything WoW said. The Soft-lite LS is the best of the bunch to be sure. The spray foam insulation is the way to go as well, which is why he has the better labor warranty I’m sure.

Great job!

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Re: This is how it went

#4 Post by HomeSealed » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:31 pm

+1. Very good product choice, and that sounds like a fair price. You'll be happy with that purchase for many years to come. :D

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