Home Depot..>Serious Problems

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Home Depot..>Serious Problems

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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:48 pm Post subject: Home Depot...serious problem


About 18 months ago I had HD At Home Services install 12 new windows on the SW side of my house....thats where the problems began.

I have had constant air leakage between 4 floor to ceiling windows in my living room...enough air that I can hold a lit match between the window and the air will almost blow the match out.

I also have 4 windows that sound like a very loud flat flute evertime the wind gets about 15 MPH ( I live in Kansas so it happens all the time).

At this point I am going to have someone else either try and reinstall these windows, or have someone put new windows in and try to go after HD at home services to recoup my thousands of dollars....

I know I am asking a broad question, but any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...I wish I had seen this site 18 months ago

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