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Okna - Happy Customer

#1 Post by orchidcrazy » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:25 pm

Just happened to run across a thread I had printed out years ago; figured I would come back with a happy update.

After over 7 years of hemming, hawing, researching, we signed contracts in late last year to have our windows replaced. We live in a 1984 colonial in CT that had single pane wood windows that leaked so bad, we couldn't even put plastic on them anymore - it would blow off if it got breezy. So we ordered 20 Okna 500 DH's, 1 slider, 2 picture windows and 2 patio doors in October and most were installed in December. One picture window was not ordered so they came back in January and installed that along with a new Provia steel door and storm door for he back of the house.

Was all perfect? Nope, the installation was done in cold weather, I feel the installers rushed things and screwed up a few things due to it. We are DIYers with most stuff, while I was impressed with the guy who did my interior caulking, I was not a fan of much of the exterior. At least 2 of my front sills were supposed to have been replaced and they weren't, my front drip caps should have been replaced as they were rotting and they weren't. I will say, the company addressed all of my concerns - they came out in better weather and completely addressed all of my issues and the gentleman who did the work did a very fine job. He also went around to every window to verify installation and caulking was as it should have been. Would have saved the company a lot of money to have done the job correctly from the beginning - I was upfront that I am a stickler for detail and research everything before jumping in so they knew what they were dealing with me double checking everything going in to the job.

We love the windows, it's like living in a whole different house! No drafts, less oil being burned, I turned down my thermostats, less wood being burned, much more comfortable, temps are more stable. Used to be we'd feel drafts from a window standing about 2 feet from it, these you can walk right up to and no drafts. No snow came in the patio door even with a blizzard that whipped through.

Very happy with the Provia Steel front door we put in a few years back, we did a glass back door with grids between the glass to resemble the Patio door on hte other side of the room - great company, well made.

Took us a long time to do this, but we are pleased with the product we ended up with and even with a few burps along the way, pleased with the install job that was done as well.

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Re: Okna - Happy Customer

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:47 pm

Great follow up and feedback. Thank you for posting.

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