Soft-Lite windows Opinion?

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Soft-Lite windows Opinion?

#1 Post by rpolyak » Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:43 am

We have gotten 3 quotes for 9 DH standard size and 1 Pivot slider. All were with LowE/Argon filled glass. The Sunrise/Kensington come with insulation in the frame, the cost for the fill in the Soft-lite would be approx $100 for all the windows so we might get fill in them as well.

We are looking at going with the Soft Lite, we liked the look of the soft lite and they sound good? But I’m not a Expert by any means on windows.

The Soft lite came in at the least, But we are not deciding on cost alone, We also got quotes for Kensington which came in approx $900 more and did not include the Pivot slider, but a DH. We also got a quote for SunRise windows, which was $1500 more than the Soft Lite and did include the pivot slider.

The Soft-lite model was the Imperial,
Kensington model is Huntingdon II Plus
Sunrise not sure.

But what is the general opinion of the Soft-Lite? We liked the look and such? The numbers R-Vaule/U-Vaule are all very similar and such? We liked all the contractors and they all got good references? Any help would be great? Just curious what the general opinion of the soft-lite windows are? For that mater how all 3 compare?

Thx In advance?

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#2 Post by searspro » Wed Apr 13, 2005 11:26 pm

I'm sure no matter what you decide, the quality of the windows will be sufficient. I would seriously look at warranty, longevity and stability of the company. Maybe ask to see a previously installed job or two and talk to the customer. I'm sure your salesperson would be glad to set something up with you. If not, why not? Even the best window "sucks" if not installed properly! E-mail me if you want a fourth to throw in the mix.

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