Vinyl "wood" interior choices

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Vinyl "wood" interior choices

#1 Post by rick123 » Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:28 am

I visited the showroom of a contractor in my area (southern NH) dealing in Simonton windows (I am leaning toward the 9800 or 5500 DH).

I met with the window rep for the contractor, who was very professional and informative (not pushy, stating that they are neither the cheapest nor the most expesive installer in the area) and is also the person who will be coming to our house to do the actual estimate for our job.

I found out something that I have not come across yet on these boards. After seeing the samples up close, I was somewhat disappointed that the wood interior choices for the Simonton brand did not match our trim color. He explained that the wood trim choices are not part of the vinyl but are actually a covering appied to the vinyl. It is possible for these to be scraped off. Is this true of all vinyl window wood interiors?

He also showed me several pictures of installations of white vinyl into dark wood frames saying that the light color within the dark framing makes the opening appear larger.

Anyway, I didn't know that the wood trim choices were just coverings placed on the vinyl. thought that might be insightful. We are now leaning toward the white vinyl choice.


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#2 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:34 pm

Another option would be a stainable interior of a wood laminate over vinyl or fiberglass with wood interiors.

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#3 Post by steelersfan » Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:38 pm

I have seen that stainable laminate. Its paper thin and I don't know of many companies that use it. I wouldn't trust it to last and I hear its a bear to stain (stain gets all over vinyl).

We have various colors of wood in our house. The dining room is a southern pine kinda look and the foyer is much darker. The Schuco has four colors to chose from and we got a very very close match on both rooms.

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