Dixie Homecrafters Questions

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Dixie Homecrafters Questions

#1 Post by dd4404 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:47 am

Thank God I found this board! Hoping someone can give me some unbiased feedback....and thanks in advanced for any help.

I live in Atlanta and my house has enough windows to make you cry (when looking ar replacing them) - total of 46 windows. I've been in this now 12 yr old house for 2 years and now I realize that the previous owners did nothing to protect the existing windows (12 have wood rot). I've decided to "invest" in replacements for the top two floors (35 total - not including the basement where we never run the heating/air). Dixie OEM's the window from Gorrell. Here are the questions:

- Does anyone have experience with the Gorrell triple pane/ soft low E with krypton?

- The price is $853 per window installed for 35 windows - including replacing all window cappings with PVC (or vinyl) covered wood. This includes replacing the cappings around 39 windows, 9 doors, and 2 garage doors). Does that seem reasonable?

- Dixie Homecrafters states it has a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. I can't find any negative postings anywhere on the web....any thoughts?

I have another day to cancel my order.... so any comments are greatly appreciated!


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#2 Post by Scott1q1 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:48 pm

Thats a nice window, but thats a pretty steep price too. Theres a ton of pricing threads on here, do a little searching and you will be better able to decide if its a good value for you.

Its not every day a guy gets to sell 35 windows in a wack, did you try to barter with them? If you didnt get other prices you might save a good bit by getting a couple more estimates and making them compete a little.

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