Question for Administrator re: Posting Rules

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Question for Administrator re: Posting Rules

#1 Post by Alacoyote » Tue Aug 01, 2006 5:49 pm

Thank you for today's assistance in identifying the general posting rules.

While I understand that contractors, sales reps, etc. should not use the Board to solicit business, is it acceptable for us mere mortal consumers to direct other naive buyers to one or more of the fine contractors/reps who regularly frequent the Board if those professionals have provided us with sound advice in the past? I realize that the potential exists for "fake" homeowners out there to abuse this process (as no doubt they will find a way to do regardless).

Furthermore, if we have a positive buying/installation experience with a contractor, is it acceptable to post an acknowledgment and identification of that contractor by business name & location, so that others searching the Board for contractors in the same area will be aware of that contractor's fine work?

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