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#1 Post by InfoSponge » Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:56 pm

Window World is a low-price window mass-marketer. Their lower end windows are very low end and their upper end windows are upper-mid range windows. Some franchises will provide good install/service, but others are willing to hire lower-quality install crews to keep costs down and sell at their low prices. Check with your local BBB at and be sure you view some of their recent work samples in person before you sign up, but I'd say the same about any other company you hire as well. I'd search this message board for "window world" for a sampling of past discussions as well. Good luck!

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I installed for window world in oklahoma city the guy who owned this office also owned one in arkansas the office in okc was horribly organized and the office manager lied to everybody good installers would't stay and a lot of their installs were complete crap I never went to a house where the customer wasn't mad because they had been lied to so many times there also been a rumor going around that window world is on the edge of bankrupcy

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