Schuco quotes and Questions

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Schuco quotes and Questions

#1 Post by Kimmer » Thu Jul 19, 2007 1:14 pm

I just received my second and final quote from another Schuco dealer in the Minneapolis area for the following windows:

We have seven windows to replace:
2 - 62" x 43"
1 - 62" x 53"
3 - 62" x 36"
1 - ~ 36" x 24"
All of these windows are sliders, which is really all we can replace them with due to various factors.

Each came in around the same price for triple pane sliders with Krypton gas~$8,000 total for everything.

I really have two questions. The first off course is if the quote comparable for the area? I've seen better quotes on the board, but none specifically for the upper midwest or Minnesota and I know it can vary by region.

Also, what are some key questions that I can ask about the installation that may sway me in one way or another? Similar to the type of caulk and so forth.

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To Kimmer

#2 Post by nicfargo » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:30 pm


What you have to look at is the way they price windows. Most, if not all companies, price your windows based on a unified inch...which is basically height plus width. So you have:

2 - 105ui
1 - 115ui
3 - 98ui
1 - 60ui

I live in Lincoln Nebraska and I'll let you know what I got for a quote. We have 25 windows we are replacing.

13 - 85ui ($675ea)
5 - 69 ui (~$580ea)
3 - 75 ui (~$620ea)
4 - Hoppers (~$400ea)

We are going with the triple pane double-hung throughout, which are somewhat cheaper then the sliders. We were quoted 15k for all 25 windows. Which is hilarious because Home Depot came in and quoted Simonton 6500's at 16k. So a much better window is going to cost me less money! Back to you...I think you are getting a pretty standard deal here. Specially for sliders of that size. If you can have them break down the cost that would help a lot...we could see what you're paying for the bigger guys.


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