NEWPRO..Avoid them at all costs!

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NEWPRO..Avoid them at all costs!

#1 Post by bcorcor98 » Mon Jun 04, 2007 7:28 pm

I unfortunately had NEWPRO replace the windows in the house I recently purchased. What a mistake, the entire experience was awful from the start to finish. The windows are NOT worth the additional $$ NEWPRO charges, but the worst part is the way in which NEWPRO treats its customers. The sales team lied and mislead me with false information, especially NEWPRO's "Satisifaction Guarantee or your money back" and their 40% fuels saving. I discovered later that NEWPRO has never honored either one of these guarantees. The installation took over one week in which they left several windows unsealed with no trim work, insulation etc exposed to several days of wind and rain, They also did not use treated wood for the basement windows which are below grade. The windows are heavy, difficult to open and just look like sh##. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with NEWPRO and ask for my $$ returned as advertised by the sales team I was threatened by a company VP.

This company sucks and their products are not better than other windows available on the market. PLEASE do not do business with them.

I've filed complaints with the BBB and the MA state AG office. I have also contacted several Boston area TV news bureaus. Please help me spread the word about this company. They are liars and thieves!!

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Interesting experience, please post on how you make out.

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