Good Quote on Schuco's?

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Good Quote on Schuco's?

#1 Post by nicfargo » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:40 pm

I am looking at new windows for my house. I live in Lincoln Nebraska and I'll let you know what I got for a quote for Schuco Windows from ABC Seamless. We have 25 windows we are replacing.

13 - 85ui ($675ea)
5 - 69 ui (~$580ea)
3 - 75 ui (~$620ea)
4 - Hoppers under 60ui (~$400ea)

We are going with the corona 4000 triple pane, krypton, double-hung throughout. We were quoted 15k for all 25 windows. Which is hilarious because Home Depot came in and quoted Simonton 6500's (Double pane, argon, not nearly as pretty, etc) at 16k. So a much better window is going to cost me less money! I just want to make sure that this is a pretty good deal for this many windows. I know I'm going to go with them because they are so much better, and cheaper then HD, but I just want to see if this is comparable to what others are seeing for quotes.


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