Schuco vs NOVA

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Schuco vs NOVA

#1 Post by nicfargo » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:23 pm

I just had quotes for Schuco windows and windows made by a company called the window pro's (their window line is called Nova). The difference in price is negligible and the Nova's windows are a u-rating of .16 vs the Schuco's .20. The Nova windows can also have real wood interior (veneer i think?). The difference in price...for 25 windows is about 2k...15.7k vs 17.7k. Has anyone heard about these windows (Nova) at all? Is this a smaller company that many people have not heard of. Please respond either here or directly to my email.


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#2 Post by Window4U (IL) » Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:58 am

I deleted my original post I made here as I was commenting on another Nova Windows which is out of Canada, not the one being asked about. My apologies....

From the website I found, I have to say I like the Nova window that is made in NY much better than the one I originally commented on. It looks like it is very similar to the Softlite Elements window in many of it's features. I don't know anything of it's real world performance, but from the website it looks good.
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#3 Post by buddy110 » Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:23 pm

I looked at the Nova window. A good friend of mine is one of thier sales reps. I have to tell you, I was not impressed. They have some smart features to stop air tunneling and they use alot of dust bunnies in thier sashes to also stop air. That said I found the vinyl to be cheap and thin. The spacer the use is plastic and I have no knowlegde of how a true plastic spacer (rigid) works in an IGU. I suspect it will be a leaker in time. But that's only a guess. Nove is a boutique manufacturer in LI. They are small but profitable. That's about all I know about them

Schuco is very good but not cheap. Alsides are good as is gorell, great lakes and sunrise. I don't personally like Simonton but many people and dealers rave about them.

Good luck!

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shuco replacements

#4 Post by ovlifr » Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:00 am

my home is a brick cape cod ,three blocks from the coast. when my wife and i were considering new windows the good house keeping recomendation had a lot to do with our choice for replacements.also my sister in law had just purchased them for her house after much research.i had them installed two years ago and feel that it was the best money ive spent on my house yet. they are very quiet[im in a flight zone and close to an interstate highway], and we are often hammered by north winds from the chesapeake bay.the installers were quick ,courteous, and professional.the only thing i would recommend to them ,is that they should use wooden blocks on the interior casings to avoid hammer dents on wood work. we do feel good about the purchace, and even better about the cheaper utility bills. thanks progressive windows you did a great job,and thanks richard for explaining everything in detail. :D

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#5 Post by ANOTHER WINDOW GUY » Sun Dec 30, 2007 6:37 pm

The Nova window looks like the new offering from Deceuninck, the old Dayton people. I think it pronounced De-cu-nick for those that care, and I believe insiderinfo spoked about it also being called the Lexus and theres probably going to be a few more names. My question to anyone that has seen it, is how well do they cover the welds. We purchased quite a few Winstroms with the real oak interior but the welds were always a dead giveaway...........looked like crap. If you have a deep shadow groove like Simonton and Schuco you can fill that with a stainable material and it looks pretty good otherwise fiberglass is the answer so far for us.

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